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about us

ARMA School Furniture Co.Ltd ; It carries out the production, sales and design services of the School - Office - Nursery furniture professionally by prioritizing the elements of quality and comfort.
ARMA; It has adopted the principle of quality and timely service by considering the aesthetics and functionality in all sorts from design to production.
Our company; By following the technological developments, it meets the hardware and equipment needs of all educational institutions from preschool to university level in the education sector.
ARMA; It was founded by Educators, Architects and Engineers experienced in the education sector.
Company ; school desks, desk and cupboard systems, whiteboards, boards, laboratory systems and materials, computer and business technical classes office seating groups, work desks meeting units, cinema, theater, conference and multi-purpose lounge chairs, landscape arrangement and city of schools and institutions continues its furniture, quality, solid, ergonomic production to create comfortable and more efficient spaces.
Same time ; It prepares Mobility and Pilot projects for the 'Leonardo da vinci' programs implemented by the European Community for the development of vocational and technical education.
ARMA; With its professional team, it will be your closest assistant in the preparation of all kinds of educational institutions in a modern style.
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